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There is a huge variety of computer video games and many gamers confront with a range of technical problems connected with upgrade support or PC and software compatibility. To resolve these problems the companies create internet forums that support computer game projects for their customers where they can get valuable advice from other experienced users. The site forumhub.com was designed to show the variety of tools, game types, game environments, and ways of playing a game as well as new platforms and devices designed for gamers.
Computer technologies have experienced such a rapid growth for the last 25 years that the question arises: where is the limit of developing computer technologies? Can the technology growth stop tomorrow? Or is it just the beginning of the development? What will happen to home video games consoles like PlayStation, Xbox? Will they die out or new devices will appear? There are many questions and even more suppositions. So we will try to look into how this market segment of software and electronics will develop.
In most cases spending many hours playing computer games doesn't result in substantial financial gains or useful life experience. But it can cause health problems and social apathy, and when combined with poor upbringing young people may have such a low level of social responsibility that is can lead to material damage or violence.
The virtual world has become more tempting than the real one, there you can do everything. It has become easy to create, ruin, fall in love and often destroy the enemies in the fantasy world. After all you can always save or play the level again. There are an endless number of attempts but in real life there can often be only one chance, sometimes rather vague. Game worlds are visually crueler than the real world where the user lives, but as despite the ferocity it is physically safer the person chooses it as a safe alternative to reality. It resembles a voluntary escape to "Matrix".
The fact that first computers were created to be used in defense and developed to meet the needs of the defense system prevented obtaining maximum profit from their use. Everything changed when computers became accessible to the public. At first their use was limited to managing machines and making calculations with a great number of approximations. But then programmers started using games as testing assignment. Tetris became one of the first games. With the time the games were getting upgraded and more and more complex. Visual effects required more powerful machines and video carts were created. The markets became game addicted and people's world has changed.
Now people are seeking new experiences without getting up from a couch. We want new games, more games and cheaper than before, better and more interesting than before. A new form of video game addiction appeared. And while it remains profitable to produce new games they will be released and new powerful computers will be created to meet the requirement of these games.
Of course, young people need successful examples to follow, such as the richest gamers successful gamers who made a fortune by playing games.
The gaming process is impossible without special devices and accessories: computer, monitor or augmented-reality glasses, video games. But you can purchase all this in an online store. Customers can easily find and recognize such stores as they have special templates for gamers.