10 Innovative Ways to Stop Video Game Piracy

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Piracy is the vexing problem of the entertainment industry that plagues the music, film and television sectors, and, of course, the video games industry. Since the time video games appeared on the market there have been gamers who spare no means to get their hands on the just released games from their wish list. But counterfeit video games harm the U.S. economy. Piracy violates intellectual property rights and video game developers lose billions of dollars.
While the end of video game piracy seems to be a utopia some game developers are trying to respond with ingenious ways to prevent video game piracy. For example, in 2009 Rocksteady Studios released Batman: Arkham Asylum that was praised as the best comic book adaptation released ever. Realizing that pirates would be trying to steal it the developers implemented special features in the Windows version of the game that prevented the person playing the pirated copy to use the gliding feature, a necessary gameplay element without which players can't progress.
Similar tactic was utilized in Westwood's Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 where a player with a pirated copy would gradually have their troops lose attack power and accuracy. These are only some of innovate in-game piracy prevention methods. Below are 10 more creative piracy preventatives that have been design by video game developers to discourage the use of pirated games.

10. Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever
Those with a pirated version won't be able to use any weapon, without it turning on them first. Sure, that pirated game wouldn't prevent enjoying the game to the full, especially when you want to progress further.

9. The Sims

The Sims 3
The counterfeit version of the popular The Sims 3 lacks a very important feature: the ability to build anything. You won't find the "Build " tab there. It just doesn't exist. Of course, you may continue playing The Sims for fun, but those who use the game as a virtual getaway from real life will be frustrated.

8. Mass Effect 3/Halo 4

Mass Effect 3/Halo
Halo 4 looks really great with its unbelievable screenshots, impressive enemies, and the possibility of stepping into Master Chief's boots. In this game, ammo is the thing you can burn through, and in case with a pirated game it can happen quicker that you would expect. In ME3, those nice shiny guns add a great deal of appeal to the game, but when in the middle of a firefight you need to reload your gun you find out that your "ammo" just can't get refilled.

7. God of War 7

God of War 7
God of War 7 is definitely the number one game in the world. But those who have downloaded a pirated game will be greatly disappointed as Kratos himself will appear grinning and looking furious only to say that he will not move for a pirate, let alone a thief! And that will be the end of the game because the hero will keep staying with his arms crossed.

6. Mortal Kombat XXV/The Legend of Zelda: The Octorok's Curse

The Legend of Zelda
The trick of this game is that in a pirated copy every time you return to your recent checkpoint, you find yourself back at the beginning of the game. So no matter how good you may be at playing the game, you will always be defeated by the enemies.

5. Guitar Hero: Rebecca Black’s Classics
The developers of this music game decided to torture anyone who hasn't purchased a licensed game: no matter how hard you try you are going to missing every note. They made every note you see on the screen seem a trojan, in some sense. For instance, an orange note turns out to be a red note in disguise, but the next time it may become a purple note. And it's impossible to figure out any pattern.

4. Doctor Who
The Doctor has been helping the peoples of the universe since the early sixties. He has traveled countless galaxies in his time-travelling TARDIS and has fought numerous enemies, such as the Daleks and the Cybermen, to name just a few. And finally the legendary Doctor Who has got a video game adaptation which is for the PC. It means that the game is easy to get and easy to install. It features gorgeous graphics, and offers the thrill of finding out the Doctor's real name. But the problem with the game is that while you progress, you, the Doctor's companion, are always killing the Doctor. But the worst thing is that if the Doctor dies, he can't regenerate and the game ends.

Doctor Who

3. Batman: Catwoman's Bodysuit
Catwoman is very fast, even faster than Batman, causing damage quickly, and can get to places you can't reach. But those who got this game illegally won't be unable to control her and she will quickly become their new enemy. Running won't help as she's faster than you and fighting her makes no sense as she is the main heroine and is necessary to continue the game.

2. Resident Evil 6, 7, 8 & 9/Any Game with Human Beings, Guns, and Enemies
The incredibly popular Resident Evil series have been very successful, and for a good reason. However, in RE7 the companion is a ninja and in case you decided to pirate this game, your ninja friend becomes your current target. The ninja is programmed to put himself in your way, all the time. When you are using a laser-sighted handgun, having your vision obscured is a real punishment, especially when you're being attacked. But your devoted companion will never let you down and will always come to help - by lighting you on fire to repel enemies.

1. Any Game with Internet Capabilities
This is a really ingenious way to discourage video game piracy. Gamers who had pirated the game will have a big, red "THIEF" appear on their virtual gamer identification card. On any in-game avatars they have in any game, their character will just wander around with a sign "THIEF". What's more, in games where the character can sell and buy stuff, like in The Legend of Zelda, he won't be able to buy or sell anything because even in-game no one will associate with him.