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Best Gamer PC Communities

Most gamers don’t just sit at their computers in utter isolation. On the contrary, they like to share their experiences with like-minder people and seek communities where they can talk about games, strategies, and PC build. Even if playing alone is great fun, it’s important to have a group where you can feel understood and supported from time to time.

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All the hardware issues and all the trials with tough game levels can be discussed within gamer groups as long as you find the right one. People there can help you and offer valid advice.

Some of the games, such as Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and Total War have amazing famous communities, but they are not the only ones. Let’s take a look at some other communities that have been waiting for you this year:

1. PC Gamer Club

This famous gaming magazine has been a pillar in gamer community since 1993 and has helped many people solve their issues or discover games that speak to them. Besides advice and some great reviews, you get additional benefits. The price to join is $4-$5 and gives you in-game items, Steam keys for some games, magazine subscription, and a guide to RPG’s. The community that you will gain with this is priceless.

2. Patient Gamers

This community is very non-judgmental and accepts everybody. You don’t have to be on top of all the newest and most recent stuff to join in. In fact, this is one place where you will feel great discovering games that other communities have long known. In the subreddit talk you will meet people who are just now playing GTA San Andreas, Devil May Cry franchise, and Shadow of the Colossus.

The community here is very respectful and can debate and support their favorite characters without drawing blood or insults. The community includes over 270,000 members and is very active. You can expect reviews, sharing of memories, and just nice communication.

3. Game Detectives

This community is all about mysteries and puzzles that sometimes need to be solved for gamers to move on. These types of debates make the games more real and endearing for all. Going through topics and diving deep into what’s behind all the games really helps visualizing those games completely differently, the way you might have never thought was possible. If nothing else, you will get some critical thinking the next time you play. After all, there is a secret detective and mystery solver in all of us.

4. PC Gaming Subreddit

There must be a good reason why 1.2 million subscribers are active participants on this platform. You will find thousands of active users day and night talking about thousands of different topics and games. If you are after narrow scopes and subthemes, this is a place to be because you are going to meet like-minded gamers here faster than anywhere else. You can share experiences, opinions, and learn about new great games or hardware options.

All four of those communities are all-inclusive, active, and growing fast, so whichever one you choose, you are bound to enjoy your experience whether you decide to engage in conversation or sit back and read what others have to say.

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Now let’s take a quick look at two game-specific communities that have been fan-favorites for a long time. Sure, broad communities can help you get exposed to new things, but smaller ones might be a bit more in-depth and open new possibilities as well.

1. Total War Franchise

Whether you’ve been obsessed with this game for years or just now joining in, this community is a treasure trove. You can find fans of all releases and modding experts, so you will have all your bases covered.

If you are really into mods, join and you will be surprised how many history buffs you’ll meet and how much useful information you will get. It’s like reading a history book!

The game allows us to meet some characters and think about the accuracy while learning something new. The last installment, Total War: Three Kingdoms is about Three Kingdoms period of China and its three major fractions battling and engaging in diplomacy. How many of us would ever think about that period China if not for this game?

2. Dark Souls Franchise

People like to seek company when they feel desperate and fight difficult battles in games and in life. This community is all about that – support and overcoming on the official Reddit. The community of these iconic series from From Software is always ready to offer tips, tricks, and sharing experiences.

It’s nice not to feel alone during difficult gaming times and have people offer to join during the game to lend a helping hand. This community is like a shining star for all who search for salvation.

When something joyful happens, other members are ready to congratulate you and encourage you to move forwards. This level of respect and positivity is not found every day and on every platform!

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