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Best Games Industry Events in 2019 in the U.S.

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1. Pax South, San Antonio, Texas
January 17-18

This event is the most attended in Southern US. You’ll see expositions, famous and new creators, and vendors for all kinds with geeky game-themed merchandise. Entertainment includes panels, live shows featuring popular personalities, and concerts. You’ll also see various competitions, such as Stream Stars with YouTube influencers taking part.

The event takes place for three days and also includes unreleased games for viewing, big booths, prizes, and overall celebration of gaming culture, where every game lover will have fun and find something fascinating.

2. DICE Summit, Las Vegas
February 11th

The name stands for Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain, and pretty much sums up the idea of the event. This summit gathers all the brightest and the best known visionaries to apply their minds and discover new heights of creativity and various approaches to expression. If you are in the interactive entertainment, this is a place to be.

3. Mobile Growth Summit, San Francisco
February 13th

Right before Valentine’s Day you can come here and dive into mobile growth. There are no vendors and plenty of marketing and growth professionals to help you find new ways to connect with users, acquire them, and build lasting relationships to ensure that they come back. Data science and analytics take center stage here too as it’s of vital importance for understanding the efforts in mobile, retail, and ecommerce sectors.

4. GDC 2019, San Francisco
March 18th

While it’s not the biggest summit, it has been known to bring close to 28,000 attendees. They exchange ideas and determine the near future of the industry during this 5-day event. Education, inspiration, and new connections are what drive this event year after year.

You can expect to see all sorts of professionals – programmers, designers, producers, audio professionals, businessmen, and all other vital players who make games reality or at least close to it.

5. PAX East, Boston
March 28th

This event is open for all, every theme and every genre. Just like Texas and UK versions, it’s all about celebration with big booths, vendors, concerts, new games, and panels, where everybody is invited to join in and have fun. Vendors are welcome to present their new stuff and be able to find listening ears and eager wallets.

6. LA Games Conference, Los Angeles
May 7th

Just like you would expect from Hollywood, decision making and influencing power is here, in California, for digital media industry too. The event is great for making new connections, sharing ideas, and creating deals with industry insiders. The entire venue is geared towards deal making with fireside chats, roundtables, and panels. Industry insiders include people from investment sector, creators, marketers, distributors, and simply game lovers who want to join power players.

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7. LudoNarraCon – Online
May 10th

This event is for all. It’s hosted on in a digital space where you can hear about new games, talk about everything with fellow game lovers, preview demos, and witness talented creators share their point of view. Physical conventions are not always accessible for all who would like to be a part of them, but this one certainly is, on Steam’s storefront. The event is organized by Fellow Traveller with collaborations with many indie publishers and creators.

8. PG Connects Seattle
May 13th

Pocket Gamer Connects is all about mobile gaming industry with 9 tracks that give center stage to 100 industry insider speakers, 500+ companies, and 750 delegates from various games. This event is also known for crazy after party, where the most connections and deals are made.

9. – Online
June 4th

Game Dev Unchained Expo is an unprecedented free platform to bring together masterminds in game development and let their stories be heard by masses. Organizers are not after profit here, instead they want to make a difference and allow the exchange of information between professionals and hobbyists for the sake of education and networking.

10. E3 2019, Los Angeles
June 11th

This conference is one of the biggest such game conferences in the world, bringing big announcements and unprecedented possibilities to play what has never been played yet. You are going to hear from Xbox, EA, and Nintendo and mingle with the biggest names in game industry.

11. Games for Change, NY
June 17th

The talk about games here is more than just entertainment. It analyzes how gaming can benefit education, healthcare, civics, research, and help solve many sensitive social problems. The biggest names will be addressing those issues with panels, keynotes, workshops, demos, expositions, and networking possibilities.

12. Serious Play Conference Orlando, Florida
July 24th

This exclusive event is open for leaders of game creators and implementation for learning branch insiders. Speakers consist of developers, designers, academic researchers, and people from education, corporate, healthcare, government, museums, and all other industries that can benefit from serious play.

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13. GameDaily Connect USA in Anaheim, CA
August 27th

It sounds pretty simple – 14 tracks, 250 speakers, and leaders from the gaming industry meeting and sharing their knowledge.

14. PAX West, Seattle
August 30th

One more location and time for this huge expo - a spectacle with games, special new features, new video games, and spectacular shows, geared towards every game lover.

15. Capital Creative Showcase, West Sacramento, CA
September 7th

The event is organized by Sacramento Developer Collective and is a celebration of local talent in gaming industry. Californian creators come here to share their upcoming games, developments, and artwork. Many prominent women speak during this convention and leave the stage open for more female voices to join in.

16. Women in Games: Create in Rochester, NY
October 3rd

All the female who is who in the industry and all the newcomers should make their way here. The conference is geared towards women contributors to the gaming industry, who have a lot to say and show. You will enjoy open discussions with leaders and innovators. Expect to hear from such personalities as Emily Greer, Elizabeth LaPensee, Ann McCormick, Jennifer Oneal, Jen Taylor, and Kiki Wolfkill.

17. UCI Esports Conference in Irvine, CA
October 10th

This branch of gaming focuses on esports research and practice. The industry leaders and researches come together for research presentations, sharing of experiences, and celebration of this successful rapidly growing field.

18. GameSoundCon, Los Angeles, CA
October 29th

The event is narrow in scope and concentrates on game music and sound designers and operators. The best people come here to share creative, technical, and business sides of the industry. Expect to experience new tracks, talks, research in game interactive audio, and performance.

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19. VRX Conference & Expo in San Francisco
December 12th

Last event of the year, this 2-day conference is bringing hundreds of senior executives from gaming industry to cover all aspects of this business – entertainment value, investment opportunities, game creation, tech support, customer relationships, and the issue of innovation. Your business might just be missing this information about VR & AR/MR bringing ROI and helping you move forward.