How to Buy PC Games on The Cheap

If you're paying full price, you're doing it wrong.
PC gaming may be on life support, but it's deftly not dead. There've been plenty of top game releases such as BioShock, Infinite, Injustice, Gods Among Us, Saints Row IV, Tomb Raider that are not merely for consoles. Even more if you're looking for good gaming on the cheap, you really have to look to the PC. Although a decent desktop (see The Best Gaming Desktops of 2017) or one with reasonable power discrete graphics card, will probably cost you a bit more than a console, you stand to save a bundle when it comes to stocking it with games. The first thing you can do to save on computer games is to take advantage of coupon codes available here and here. To maximize the amount of your savings consider following a few simple rules. To maximize the amount of your savings consider following a few simple rules.

Cover of BioShock Infinite, PC ForumHUB
Cover of BioShock Infinite - PC

1. Wait - if you buy a game within the first couple months of its release, you're almost certainly going to pay the full list price. Right now, for example, the just released South Park, The Stick of Truth costs $59.99, while the recent reboot of Steve runs $49.99. Those are premium prices and by exercising little patients, you can avoid them. For example one year ago, the aforementioned BioShock Infinite debuted with a $59.99 price tag. Today, Newegg has it on sale for 50% off. That is a savings of nearly 87% and all you had to do was wait a year. Sometimes it doesn't even take that long. Last year, barely a month after Tomb Raider made its $49.99 PC debut, Green Man Gaming ran a sale offering the game for just $20. Needless to say you should never buy a PC game when it first comes out. The routinely $50 titles sell for $20 within months after their release and it's not uncommon to find top rated, high-profile games for under $10 within a year.
2. Shop Around - for any game you're interested in buying, don't assume that Amazon or Steam has the best price. On any given day you might find a better deal at GameFly, GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, or another store. Of course you probably don't spend a lot of time store shopping. So thankfully the price comparison sites like CheapShark and IsThereAnyDeal will look up online prices for any given game and even send alerts when prices drop. For example if you simply cannot wait for South Park, Stick of Truth, CheapShark reveals that one store GetGames has it for 20% off the $59.99 list price. The most likely in a few months shall be able to get less than $30.
3. Watch for Bundles - in-your-face, console owners! PC game bundles offer the kind of bang for the buck you can't get with a PlayStation or Xbox. Outfits like Bundle Stars, Humble Bundle and IndieGala routinely offer some amazing deals, usually for indie games but sometimes for well-known commercial stuff as well. For example, earlier this year the Humble folks offered a name your own price bundle of Sid Meier games. Last summer, Green Man Gaming put together a $10 Grand Theft Auto bundle, and before that the Humble Origin Bundle served up eight top-tier EA Games for literally a few bucks.
A lot of these bundles given the option to divert some of your payment to charity, which is icing on the cake.