Top 15 Forums for Gamers with The Friendliest UIs

Are you a gamer? Are you always looking forward to a moment when you can get back to your computer and dive into the magic world of video games? Are they important to you and do they help you get rid of stress? Do they help you do something you can't do in real life like defeated Dragon or save the whole world? If everything above is true, you must be part of the gaming community. The gaming community is an army of players who communicate, interact and play with each other. One of the best ways of gamerís socialization is forums.
Forums are online discussions where people hold conversations in the form of posted messages, like chat rooms. The differences are that messages on forums can be larger than in chat rooms and they often must be approved by a moderator to be posted. Conversations on forums are divided by themes or threads in each thread can be joined by an infinite number of people. A forum can contain sub forums, each of which may have several topics. Depending on the forums settings users can be anonymous or have to register and login to post messages. There are lots of forums on the Internet and they are still growing every day. Some foreign interfaces are too sophisticated and it's hard to understand how to send a message or register. Some users may be confused by the complexity of the forum's UI, so they just quit. Here is a list of forums with the friendliest user interfaces for gamers.

1. NeoGaf - this site has pretty intuitive interface with nice icons and obvious descriptions to them so you don't have to puzzle over the interface.
NeoGaf Screenshot ForumHUB 2. GameSpot - this is one of the largest communities of gamers, so it has its forums with friendly and ready to help members. It is a convenient search bar and a simple forum pattern so you just click on a thread and view it, or write an answer. .
GameSpot Screenshot ForumHUB 3. - this forum is extremely friendly and reasonable. There is nothing unnecessary in the UI and the navigation through the pages is also very intuitive.
VideoGamer Screenshot ForumHUB 4. PC Gamer Forum - the interface here is pretty simple and may not look very nice and smooth, but believe me, it's very easy to use without any fancy details.
PC Gamer Screenshot ForumHUB 5. GamingLatest - here you can feel free to browse through thousands of threads, comfortably sorted by topics. The design is pleasant enough and the interface is modest, so this forum is nice to visit.
GamingLatest Screenshot ForumHUB 6. GameFAQs - this is a forum where you can get the latest FAQs, cheats and codes for your favorite games (see How to buy PC games on the cheap). The design might seem nasty and totally not lovely, but the interface is simple and easy to use, so this forum is worth checking out.
GamingFAQS Screenshot ForumHUB 7. Minecraft Forum - is one of the largest community of Minecraft game. The forum participants are discussing the game, lay out various modifications to Minecraft, their creativity, share their experience and simply have a good time. Each user can create news about Minecraft and present it to the public. Forum users will appreciate, comment on, thanks to an unusual reputation system, each user has a well deserved power of voice that allows for a more adequate assessment of the news.
Minecraft Forum Screenshot Forumhub 8. Steam Discussions - yes you heard it right, steam forums also take place in our list. They really deserve a place here as there is the biggest number of users, every third steam user visits the forum and the moderators here are always ready to help. You can ask questions and have no doubt that they will be answered.
Steam Discussions Screenshot ForumHUB 9. Ubisoft Forums - of course every serious gaming company must have its forum. This is no exception. This forum is mostly aimed on support, as most questions asked here are connected with different problems with Uplay and Ubisoft games.
Ubisoft Forums Screenshot ForumHUB 10. Battlelog Forum - this forum is dedicated to Battlefield series and you can ask questions or answer them. It's easy to browse and to become a part of it.
Battlelog Screenshot ForumHUB 11. Forum - continuing with the forums of big gaming companies, is a brainchild of Blizzard, who gave birth to such gaming masterpieces like War craft, Diablo, StarCraft and others. You can discuss those games on this convenient forum. Screenshot ForumHUB 12. IGN Boards - IGN is one of the biggest gaming networks which does the best game reviews, top game lists and other actions connected with video games. And of course it has its forum where you can discuss all the latest developments in gaming field. The threads are comfortably divided by topics in its easy to use the forum.
IGN Bords Screenshot ForumHUB 13. Adventure Gamers - this is a friendly forum about adventure games. Here you can discuss all your favorite adventure games with other amiable gamers. Its interface is incredibly simple, especially combined with nice graphical design.
Adventure Gamers Screenshot ForumHUB 14. Forum - a nice forum for game developers, where you can discuss any development matters. All the users here are ready to help in the forum itself is elementary, but very informative. Screenshot ForumHUB 15. IndieGamer Forum - a forum for indie gamers and developers, so if you're an indie developer, you might visit this forum and introduce your games, or if you're a gamer who enjoys indie products, you can communicate with developers and talk about their creations freely.
IndieGamer Screenshot ForumHUB In conclusion these are some of the best friendliness and most popular forums for gamers.